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Natural Noble – What is that?

What is Hemp?

Hemp is an organic substance – AKA Natural Noble – that has been noticed to contain components and exhibit effects that are of medical importance. The possibilities that are present in this plant are yet to be fully explored, hence the caution with its possession. Most countries trade hemp conveniently, but the United States is new to such trade. Hemp is known scientifically as a cannabis product that contains an undetectable proportion of the psychoactive agent known as THC. THC levels are very important to every aspect of Hemp preparation and distribution. Hemp is grown in Hemp farm and greenhouse, where proper nutrients and watering is monitored.

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The importance of hemp is yet to be fully explored through research.

Despite the medical benefits attached to using this plant, it comes with a warning.

The FDA has ruled to every seller and producer that the extract of the plant is not an alternative.

Do not confuse the use of hemp extracts as an alternative for medication.

Therefore, the FDA does not validate the substance to serve as a therapeutic agent in any way.

There exist different forms of this Cannabidiol (CBD) extract in distribution, considering that the substance was processed to make it admissible.

This form determines the process, portability, and sometimes the cost of obtaining the extract.

Do you want to know where can you buy hemp?

Don’t jeopardize your freedom for it.

There is hemp farm Colorado where natural (1) and unadulterated hemp can be obtained in the United States.

Importance of the Hemp extract – Natural Noble

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For health and natural wellness, hemp is an option to consider.

Psychologically, people suffering with Obsessive disorder (OCD) seem to benefit from CBD and Hemp products.

Although it is not a replacement for OCD medications, it is often used as an alternative in the anxiety disorder.

For people undergoing surgical pain or muscle pain, hemp oil is a great source of muscle and tissue relaxation.

This extract provides comfort and relief for several medical conditions.

This medically important but yet to be proven plant is useful in various fields of medicine and treatments.

Some preliminary studies have stated the plant’s usefulness, although the restrictions on the plant have hindered further rigorous studies.

The evidence stated that it improves HIV/AIDS patient’s appetite, reduce nausea in patients, and mitigates several epileptic conditions.

Some studies have also shown hemp to improve sleep, assist Tourette syndrome patients, and more.

Many also find the CBD and Hemp to be useful with cases of severe migraine, anorexia nervosa, and arthritis.

There have also been postulations of its positive effect in the treatment of brain cancer Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

The industrial hemp plant is very useful in construction, biotechnology, clothing, and textiles.

This plant can also be useful for its fibers for the production of various commercial items.

These items include books, textiles, plastics, biofuels, feed for animals, hemp floor for small pets, etc.

Cannabis can be useful medically and for industrial purposes.

This functionality depends on the plant’s strain which has different levels of poly-phenolic compositions.

There are two major strains of hemp plants, they are the Indica strains and Sativa strains.

The Indica contains Cannabidivarin known as CBDV strains having lower Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) levels.

They are the most commonly used in hemp production.

The Sativa strain is best for industrial purposes.

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Misconception about Hemp

Hemp is a very important product of the cannabis plant, having a close relative also known as marijuana.

These CBD products are often used interchangeably although; there exists a wide difference between the two.

Marijuana is illegal in most countries unlike Hemp as many believe it to be neurologically deleterious.

Marijuana unlike processed hemp contains a high proportion of THC which can cause loss of consciousness or ecstasy.

Also, Hemp comes from the CBDV strains of Lumbrace indica and does not exhibit psychoactive effects.

That is, you do not get “high” due to the use of hemp.

There are Sativa strains that can also be useful in beverages.

According to Sativa tincture reviews, some produces better Sativa oils than others.

Another major misconception is the use of hemp as a drug substitute.

Hemp, according to the FDA guidelines, must not replace medications.

Scientifically, until further research, hemp is not an alternative medication.

Also, not all pain or spasm is relieved or comforted when hemp is administered.

Several studies have shown that hemp although positive in Multiple Sclerosis (MS) does not reduce pain in Cancer.

Therefore, not all hemp products will mitigate pain or muscle spasm effects, some are just for relaxation and relief.

Processes in Hemp product and distribution

There are several stages involved in the production and distribution of hemp.

The careful management of these steps is what leads to the successful production of quality CBD extracts.

The first process as in every plant is the growth of the plant.

Hemp is an extract of Cannabis and depending on the type of plant source; it can naturally contain high THC levels.

The stages that are undertaken by these natural hemp producing companies vary and can determine the purity of the extract.

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The three major extraction processes are CO2 extraction, solvent extraction, and Lipid extraction method.

The carbon (IV) oxide (CO2)method uses temperature which helps in the removal of the gas.

There is the application of high temperature in a supercritical mechanism and the other involves lower heat application.

The next extraction step is the solvent method of extraction, here ethanol extraction occurs.

This is the process for solvent removal helping to preserve the compositions of the plant leaving an extract.

This step also uses temperature as a factor for separation during extraction.

The final extraction step is known as MCT or lipid extraction method.

This is not always the purest method; therefore it may be combined with other steps.

Companies that are interested in producing premium extracts, combine this with another extraction method usually the CO2 method.

Where do I purchase Hemp?

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There are several hemp product companies, where hemp products can be obtained.

If you are looking to purchase hemp oils or extracts, there are two major ways of obtaining hemp legally.

You either purchase from stores and certified street vendors or buy from a hemp online shop.

Online stores like Noble Hemp offer discounts of up to 15% on their hemp product orders.

It is important to obtain your hemp product from a certified company.

Companies like noble hemp display their noble certification of analysis, which can be downloaded or previewed by customers.

If you also want premium which of course, can be above your usual budget then check out a noble online shop if you are not in Colorado.

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Steps to take when purchasing Hemp extracts

There are several steps to consider when obtaining hemp extracts, with consideration of their different available forms.

Hemp oils are available in various hemp farms and online shops.

If you are on a decision-making level, get at ease hemp oil reviews, these can assist your decision-making.

The first step to take is to consider whether there are stores or hemp farms around you.

If there are, you can just approach them for purchase; it is completely legal to purchase hemp over the counter (OTC).

If there is none, then online hemp stores are the best choice.

After finding a store for purchase, the next step is to consider their legality.

Of course, you do not want to be arrested for illegal hemp possession.

The purity of hemp is displayed on most sellers as their certificate of analysis.

This is proof that they are legalized to sell the tested portion of hemp.

The next consideration is the use of the hemp, is it for fun? Is it for muscle relief?

Or is it for pain?

Choosing a product is dependent on the use or purpose.

Some strips are designed to dissolve under the tongue once taken, this one is for fun.

If the function is for muscle spasm, the creams or balms are the best.

Then your budget, if it is suitable to obtain the commodity you desire.

The final consideration is the concentration required, do you need hemp 750 or lesser concentration?

This concentration determines the potency and guessing should not be the basis for choosing a concentration.

Natural Noble

How can I sell my hemp plant?

There are several places to sell your hemp plants.

There are hemp extraction partners who specialize in also buying naturally cultivated hemp plants and proceed with the extraction.

Farmers who grow hemp plants do not have to worry about production and processing.

Companies like Cannapol in Europe specialize in hemp purchase and extraction to produce high-quality hemp.

However, these companies prefer to maintain natural product quality and do not purchase plants that have chemicals on them.

Therefore, no fertilizer and pesticides are used.

What are the possible risks in using Hemp?

There are various risks associated with the use of hemp.

Although these risks are not critical for normal adults, children and pregnant women are not allowed to take them.

It can be lethal in children and pregnant women.

The basic adverse effects include dizziness, tiredness, headache, vomiting, and possibly hallucinations.

The high-level risk possible is short-term memory loss, and memory imbalance.

However, it is safer when compared with opioids.

Also, hemp has not been extensively studied, hence has been placed under restrictions.

Excessive or long-term use of the product could be hazardous.

Available Hemp forms

There are various available forms of hemp.

You can decide to obtain your daily essential hemp oils from Hemp farm capsules or in other available forms.

Hemp has been adopted in food and beverage preparations, and an example is in baking and extracts forms like ‘rocky mountain hemp co premium organic hemp oil’.

Hemp is available as tinctures, oils, capsules, gels, patches, edibles, lozenges, etc.

There are hundreds of products that comes from from hemp including beer, milk, diaper, soap, and fuel.

It is very useful in various aspects of human life and has existed for thousands of years.

The most common hemp oil extract forms are gel or capsule, strips, oil or tincture, cream or balm.

Take capsules orally like pharmaceutical drugs and effects will be felt when absorption has taken place.

Strips are fun hemp forms;

  • Often used for relaxation and fun.
  • Suitable for travels and sleeps;
  • Easy to carry around and to use.

Oil or tinctures are available in bottles with lids that allow specific droppings when immersed in the liquid.

This extract works best under the tongue where absorption begins using the tincture dropper.

The last common form is the cream or balm; this is the type you want if you are experiencing muscle pain or spasm.

Apply creams on the skin to the area of spasm and is one of the easiest to use.

Is hemp expensive?


The price tag on hemp differs based on the quality and source of the product.

Premium product like natural noble hemp contains additives that have medical importance like coconut oil.

This may result in an increment in the price, unlike casual ones.

Hemp products are available in different stores like noble hemp, pure hemp naturals, and more.

When it comes to hemp wellness pure extract oils, expect the price to be costlier when high quality oils are involved.

Noble Hemp Company in Colorado extracts hemp oil using state-of-the-art equipment and professionals.

Due to this premium service and sometimes expensive processes, the hemp product may be sold at a costlier price.

The source of the hemp may also be very important to the price of the product.

Products obtained from retailers often inclusive additional costs, which may be a lot higher than the manufacturer’s selling price.

Also, extraction companies who do not grow the plant themselves may sell at an increased price.

Why does hemp smell so nice?

For many users, there is nothing as attractive as the lavender, vanilla, mango, or other fruit flavors present in hemp products.

If you have been thinking whether this flavor is a result of hemp product companies, then let me correct you.

Although the flavor may have been influenced by the company, this is not always the case.

The flavor in this essential oil is due to an essential component of the plant known as terpenes.

Terpene is a phytochemical that comes from most medicinal plants.

If you don’t know about this composition then let me give you a summary of terpenes 101.

Terpene is one of the three categories of phytochemicals present in the hemp plant that serve as essential oils.

The other one is the common CBD and the last, Flavonoids.

Terpenes have scents and can be extracted through basic chemical procedures.

These chemicals like the CBD have means of being receptive to the human body.

They bind to receptors and release chemicals known as neurotransmitters which have the benefits of improving mood and providing an energy boost.

However, it is important to know that hemp is not the only source of the phytochemical.

It has an active constituent of the chemical, which most believe exhibits anti-bacterial, anti-diabetic, anti-spasmodic, and more effects.

You may need to check Terpenes 101 for more information about this natural phytochemical.

Can I get high or arrested for using hemp?

In some countries, hemp is legal to use, note not all countries. In the United States, about 33 of all the states allow the use of hemp.

Therefore, if you are in a country where the use of hemp is legal, you will not get arrested for using it.

However, some police testing kits are outdated and may detect hemp as marijuana, but further analysis can rectify this. Hence, be sure to only purchase hemp from certified hemp firms, with previous testimonies or reviews of good customer satisfaction.

Also, hemp will not get you ‘high’, it is low in the level of the psychoactive element and does not exhibit ecstasy.

Medically, in some countries, hemp is administered as medications when proper medications are ineffective.

Natural Noble


Hemp is very important and despite the restriction in the use and medical adoption, most believe that it is a useful pain reliever.

Various countries have legalized the use of hemp.

Some researchers also argue on its futuristic importance to medicine.

Hopefully, hemp could be one of the bases of future medicine.

However, relieving the restrictions on this plant is important and necessary for a further scientific hypothesis.

Most consider Hemp safe as it comes from a natural plant.

It also exhibits no deleterious effect below the threshold level.

The multi-purpose plant is very important and is gathering more attention in the food, health, and fashion industries.

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