Traveling with CBD? What You Need to Know

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Traveling with CBD? What You Need to Know

We’re all for making that sunny vacation, even more, relaxing with a smooth dose of our favorite form of CBD — but do you know how to get it from your house in the city to your hammock on the beach? When traveling with CBD this is what you need to know.

What you need to know

Most of us travel from time to time, be it short or long distances, for work or for play, and we’re used to preparing for a trip.

Travel-sized shampoos, a raincoat, more socks than we think we’ll need — but for those of us who use CBD products, packing a suitcase isn’t quite as simple anymore.

As marijuana laws continue to grow into establishment across North America, CBD has become a more common product for Americans to use.

But as more Americans have CBD in their possession, certain mundane experiences become more complicated.

Ingesting CBD oil is the most common means by which users consume CBD and it used by people with certain health conditions.

However, it has only recently become legal to fly with the tincture, and the rules are strict and specific.

We know it can be confusing to sort out which states and airspaces allow CBD when, where, and under what restrictions, so we’re here to help.

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Getting your CBD from A to Z

Your number one item on the agenda is making sure you know what your oil is derived from.

And by that, we mean what it’s made of.

The TSA’s official policy on CBD was updated in May 2019 and now reads that “marijuana and certain cannabis-infused products, including some Cannabidiol (CBD) oil, remain illegal under federal law.”

The exception is made for products that contain 0.3% THC or less, or that have been approved by the FDA and meets the COA requirements. 

Hemp-driven CBD oil is legal in all fifty states and should be clear to go through airport security so long as you’re traveling domestically.

It must also be in your carry-on baggage, and the size should comply with the TSA’s restrictions on liquids (3.4oz or less).

But marijuana-driven CBD oil is not yet legal federally and is banned by the TSA.

Therefore, it’s essential to know which category your CBD falls under.

If you’re not sure, you can try to obtain a Certificate of Analysis, or COA, which is a lab report confirming the cannabinoid content of a CBD oil and its safety.

Okay, your CBD checks all the boxes. Now what?

Your second course of action is verifying the laws and restrictions in whatever state, province, or country you’re heading to.

These can generally be found online with a quick Internet search.

It will save you a great deal of potential confusion later on.

Be sure to review the laws both surrounding the use of CBD in the place you’re traveling to.

Also know the specific regulations about traveling with CBD.

And so is traveling with cannabis within Canada (as long as it contains a legal amount of THC).

However, you can’t cross the Canadian border with medical or recreational cannabis.

— Regardless of whether it’s legal in the country you’ve come from or are going to.

Similarly, cannabis laws aren’t federal in the U.S.(1), so if you’re road-tripping across the country, be sure you’re aware of cannabis’ status in whichever state you’re in.

Other aspects to note are means of travel; many cruise lines, for example, don’t allow CBD on board.  

Non-oil cannabis options

One excellent option is to pack more portable, less-spillable varieties of CBD — such as CBD capsules or gummies.

If you are going to traveling with CBD we’re particularly fond of our hemp CBD travel strips.

Find this product in our shop and something we’ll dive into more in our next blog.

Ultimately, the only absolutely foolproof way to ensure you don’t run into canna-trouble is to leave your oil at home.

Try sourcing some when you arrive at your destination, should it be legal there.

Happy travels!

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