What Does THC-Free Hemp CBD Mean?

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By now, you’re probably familiar with the term “THC.” This is the psychoactive element of cannabis, and its effects can include euphoria, relaxation, anxiety, pain relief, and more. But what does it mean, exactly, if your cannabis is THC-Free? And what sorts of benefits could that bring?

THC-Free refers to CBD products that contain .3% or less of THC. That’s right — if something is designated THC-Free, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it contains zero THC.

Instead, it means that it contains a tiny percentage of it.

Any CBD product that contains .3% or less of THC is legal in the United States.

This small degree of THC is called a “trace amount.”

To manufacture a product that’s low in THC, many producers turn to hemp, a cannabis plant, which naturally contains a lot of CBD but minimal THC.

Fun fact: it’s technically impossible for a botanical extract to have zero of anything.

So the more accurate term is actually ND, or “non-detectable,” THC.

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What is THC-Free CBD Oil?

CBD oil is a potent form of CBD that’s typically taken sublingually (absorbed under the tongue).

Oils can contain low or high amounts of CBD and are typically used for medical reasons by those hoping for solutions to anxiety or chronic pain, among other ailments.

It can be found with or without THC.

THC-Free CBD oil is one that contains less than .3% THC, and so it has all the benefits of CBD, but won’t get you high.

It’s especially beneficial for those who want to continue going about their daily lives while receiving treatment.

How is THC-Free CBD Oil Made

THC-Free CBD oil is usually made through the CO2 extraction process.

The process lifts CBD and other plant materials from the hemp in an oil form, leaving most of the THC behind.

The resulting oil is called CBD isolate — CBD in its purest form.

It can also be made by making CBD distillate (a distilled version of CBD that still contains other cannabinoids) and then putting that distillate through several purification steps to make it legal and safe.

THC-Free CBD oil can be beneficial for several common ailments, including, but not limited to: anxiety disorders, depression, nausea, epilepsy, chronic pain, skin conditions, and sleep disorders.

Product descriptions and customer reviews are always helpful in determining which product is right for you.

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