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cbd foot cream for neuropathy

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Neuropathy can be unbearable to live with and comes with various symptoms like pain, weakness, and deadness. Those who experience it on their foot can feel pins and needles like sensation, which might make it painful to walk or go by their day-to-day activities. There are no known medications to cure this condition. But fortunately, several studies that show that CBD foot cream for neuropathy can help in easing the symptoms.

You might not know what neuropathy numbness is. Neuropathy, or peripheral neuropathy, is an excruciating medical condition where pain and numbness occur on certain parts of the body, usually on the feet or hands. It is a chronic disease that affects close to 20 million people in the United States alone.

It is brought by injuries, exposure to toxins, excess alcohol intake, low vitamin levels, rheumatoid arthritis, or infections. But mostly, it results from diabetes. According to studies, 70% of people with diabetes suffer from some kind of nerve damage. This is because of high blood sugar levels that lead to cell damage in the body.

Signs and Symptoms of Neuropathy

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Before we get into CBD foot cream, you must understand some of the most common signs and symptoms of this condition.

Numbness in the feet is one observable symptom of the disease. Neuropathy numbness in the feet is a result of nerve damage.

The nerves linking your brain and legs can no longer carry chemical impulses to the brain. When that happens, the person does not feel mild pain in the legs anymore.

As the pain gets ignored, the pain-causing factor continues causing more damage to the cells and tissues.

It might reach a point where the person becomes paralyzed due to extensive damage.

Other signs of Neuropathy To Look For:

Other signs include weakness and pain in the hands and feet. Although CBD oils are effective, w seen consistent results without major side effects. CBD for neuropathy numbness in feet will be discussed in detail in this article. 

Some of the signs you are most likely to encounter when you have neuropathy are as follows:

  • Burning sensations
  • Tingling sensations
  • Loss of balance
  • Difficulty standing or walking
  • Muscle cramps
  • Low blood pressure
  • Weakened muscles
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  • Inflammation around joints and other regions of the body
  • Burning sensation or shooting pain
  • Muscle weakness and fatigue
  • Acute mental disorders such as anxiety and depression
  • Excessive sweating
  • Muscle cramping

You may be wondering how relevant the above symptoms are with regards to CBD for neuropathy numbness in feet. It is important to note that neuropathy pain becomes so severe that it may lead to other conditions.

Take the case of depression; for example, someone that has been going through intense pain has a likelihood of becoming depressed. Prolonged neuropathy numbness can potentially damage your tissues, including muscles.

As you can see, living with peripheral neuropathy can be a nightmare for most people especially if you experience more of these symptoms.

Well, the signs can vary from one person to another and can be mild or disabling.

The pain is the worst of them all as it can affect your daily routine.

Are There any Medications for Neuropathy?

natural alternative to gabapentin for nerve pain

Most people who are suffering from this condition might be already on some kind of medication. So, when they experience neuropathy, it can lead to anxiety, loss of confidence, and even depression.

Even though the condition is not life-threatening, it can be difficult to live with. Currently, there are no medications to treat it, but what the sufferers can do is try and manage it by taking anti-inflammatory drugs and pain-killers.  

Cannabinoids found in cannabis can fix this problem and enable you to live a fulfilling life. Medical marijuana is highly effective in small quantities. The amount of the chemical found in CBD for neuropathy numbness in feet is enough to relieve neuropathy numbness. Sometimes the pain relief provided by medical marijuana is better than the one you get from regular pharmaceutical drugs.

Why Must You Treat Neuropathy Numbness?

Neuropathy numbness can result in mild to severe effects on your body and lifestyle. Failure to treat the condition can result in:

  • Weight loss
  • Difficulty moving
  • Low self-esteem
  • Mental disorders such as anxiety and depression

CBD for numbness in feetis highly recommended if you want to protect yourself from such conditions. CBD is accessible and affordable, so you don’t have to go through financial constraints to acquire it.

Above all, the chemical is 100% safe, given that it does not mix with the bloodstream. CBD is not addictive when used alone. 

CBD Foot Cream for Nerve Pain

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According to researchers, more than 20 million Americans are suffering from neuropathy. Even though this disorder can strike on any part of the body, it mostly affects the feet. Most of these people can in turn be desperate to try anything to get long-term relief. Fortunately, although the condition cannot be treated, recent studies have proven that CBD foot cream for Neuropathy can be a therapeutic option.

CBD is one of the cannabinoids in the cannabis plant (marijuana). And no, it is not the substance that makes you high. The latter is caused by tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is also a component of the hemp plant.  THC is the responsible agent of the psychoactive effects of marijuana.

CBD foot cream does not affect the person negatively and is found to be beneficial in neuropathy and many other illnesses (1). It is believed that Cannabidiol contains anti-emetic and anti-inflammatory properties that can help in this condition.  It is also proven that it has pain-relieving capabilities, which can make it an ideal solution for this disorder.

Working Mechanisms

The body’s peripheral nerves contain chemicals that sense pain in the feet. The nerves also contain cannabinoid receptors that identify CBD and THC when they enter the body. The arrival of the two chemicals activates the body’s CB1 and CB2 receptors. The receptors are responsible for the regulation of the physiological process involving the central nervous system and neurotransmitters. Levels of pain felt in your feet is regulated and managed by the chemical interaction of CBD and your peripheral nervous system.  

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Why Should You Use CBD Cream for Neuropathy

Living with pain in your feet is not a fun experience especially if your daily routine is demanding. It can become one of your worst nightmares when you think of doing some activities that your feet cannot allow. Thankfully, with the use of CBD relief cream from Noble Hemp, the pain can be gone within a few minutes. But why should one consider using this product and what are the benefits one can expect from using it?

  1. Pain Relief: Several pieces of research show that CBD foot cream can create positive responses in both the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system. This results in pain relief in the affected area. One of the major symptoms of neuropathy is pain, thus the CBD cream can be of great help in alleviating the throbbing pain.
  2. No Side Effects: Most drugs come with several side effects, which might make one stay from it. Luckily, unlike other drugs and opioids, CBD topical come with no side effects, thus making it a perfect solution. It does not affect perception or any psychoactive components.
  3. Antiinflammatory Properties: Inflammation is another chief symptom of neuropathy. Recent studies have shown that CBD relief cream can reduce inflammation as well as muscle spasms, which causes painful and uncontrolled muscle twitches.
  4. Cost-Effective: The price of drugs can overwhelm the pockets of many patients. Luckily, CBD topical are affordable and you can also get them on offer.
  5. Relieves most symptoms: CBD cream for neuropathy may not be a cure for this condition, but it will certainly relieve most symptoms. However, note that people react differently.

What else should I consider?

On top of these benefits, CBD topical are odorless. You might encounter two options of Cannabidiol: CBD isolate or full spectrum. The latter is sometimes referred to as the whole plant and it comprises of terpenes and other cannabinoids. CBD isolate refers to products that contain 99% or more pure Cannabidiol and have no active ingredients included.

Common Side Effects

CBD for neuropathy numbness in feet is no different from any other legal drug. It has mild side effects which the user experiences during the early days of using it. Common side effects associates with CBD include mood changes, change in appetite, and fatigue.

The fact that the oils runs parallel to the endorphin systems means its side effects are less severe. 

Some users have also experienced discomfort, nausea, and dizziness while using CBD Oils. But the effects normally go away after a while. Furthermore, the side effects are never severe to cause panic. If you realize that the effects are taking a toll on you, suspend the usage of the CBD oils.

You are advised to seek further medical attention if the side effects become a nuisance. Most importantly, remember that different people react differently to foreign substances introduced in their bodies. 

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How Much Should You Take?

The CBD foot cream from Noble Hemp comes with clear instructions on how much you should apply for a day. Please note that these products are only meant to be applied to the skin and not to be taken orally. If ingesting isn’t a problem for you then you can go for oil drops.

Besides, the dosage is described in the item. For instance, you can apply the cream 3 to 4 times a day. However, it is vital to wait at least 3 hours before applying again to check if the CBD relief cream affects you in any way. As a result, start with small doses and scale up if you do not see the results you desire.

Why do we like Noble Hemp? Because they are an amazing Company with incredibly high standards so we are confident you will get an amazing CBD cream to help you.


What does CBD must one take to get the desired results? When combined with THC, 25g of a single dose taken three times a day gives the perfect results. Pain relief and improved sleep are the first major signs that the oils is working perfectly. However, you need to take the CBD dose regularly to realize consistent results. Note that any amounts of CBD can still work, so you don’t need to overdose it. 

The recommended strain of marijuana is one that has been proven to offer significant pain relief. As mentioned earlier, CBD works perfectly even when you take it in small quantities. Taking too much of anything, including CBD oils will most likely land you in trouble. Some states have not fully legalized the use of marijuana or any of its products. Be sure you are on the right side of your state’s law before you start using CBD. 

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Final Thoughts

There is no specific treatment for neuropathy but you do not have to be devastated about this. Recent studies have shown that CBD foot cream for neuropathy might be the solution to relieving the stinging pain, inflammation, numbness, among other symptoms. CBD for neuropathy numbness in feet has worked with many patients suffering from the condition before. It is not recommended to take CBD with over the counter (OTC) drugs. There may be a reaction between the two compounds. Mixing the CBD oils and OTC drugs may not only lead to complications, but it may also reduce the efficiency of CBD in treating neuropathy numbness in feet. If you are looking forward to trying one of the lab-tested Cannabidiol products with 0.00% THC, then check out Noble Hemp.

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