CBC Cream: Why Is It So Great

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CBC Cream: Why Is It So Great

There are many cannabinoids found in the flower of a cannabis plant such that one may not know well about CBC creams. Just like the common cannabinoid CBD, this compound is also useful. CBD is generally known for its benefits and observed features, although this is unconfirmed. The number of CBD users are increasing daily, with most of the numbers using the product for pain and sleep disorders. CBC cream is another cannabinoid that shares this importance. This article will explain these creams and also place a recommendation on the best place to buy one. For more details about CBC cream and its benefits, read on.

What is CBC?

CBC is the short form of cannabichromene, a compound found in the cannabis plant similar to other cannabinoids.

Unlike CBD, this compound is found in low quantity in the plant, and obtaining it in large quantities can be difficult.

Although it doesn’t get much recognition, CBC has been observed to show some benefits and usefulness. CBC is derived indirectly from a compound known as cannabigerol acid (CBGa).

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CBGa is converted through enzyme actions to a compound known as cannabichromene carboxylic acid (CBCa).

Through the action of synthesizing enzymes known as CBC synthase, CBCa is formed.

Furthermore, it is converted through heat action and exposure to cannabichromene through decarboxylation steps.

What are the benefits of using CBC creams?

The use of CBC associates with some benefits.

The benefits are similar to those experienced in CBD products.

However, CBC is less popular.

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These 5 benefits include the following:

  • Anti-inflammatory functions

Conditions like edema and others that can be caused by inflammation can be relieved through CBC creams.

However, its effect can be heightened when it is combined with other cannabinoids like CBD. It helps to reduce inflammation, especially in the intestinal region.

  • Anti-microbial activities

CBC associates with the destruction of fungi and bacteria, therefore, preventing such infections.

It has been observed to show a high preventive effect against acid-fast, gram-negative, and gram-positive bacteria.

However, only a moderate effect has been observed against fungus.

  • Anti-proliferative

This compound has been observed to also be preventive against cancer cells.

Cancer cells are known for their sharp division; therefore, this compound inhibits their division.

Breast cancer is one of the cancers it is used for.

  • Neurogenesis

The development of brain cells has been observed to be improved by this compound. People under a lot of stress have to deal with dullness occasionally.

Dullness is because of the brain cell’s death.

Using CBC can help to reduce this activity and further improve productivity.

  • Anti-Depressant

CBC has been observed in studies to be a way of causing mood relaxation and relief.

Studies show that the anti-depressant effect of CBC is 10X that of CBD and maybe the best for sleep and pain.

Where is the best place to buy CBC cream?

Notably, CBC creams are not as common as CBD creams.

However, there are two common ways of obtaining these products: either online or from local stores.

Since the product is not very common, purchasing from an online store or directly from the manufacturer is a bonus.

However, some sellers will claim to be the best.

Therefore, compiled in this section are factors to consider in picking the best.

The reputation of a company is important.

If a company is to provide you with the best CBC cream successfully, they would have good reports.

The company should have enough facilities and resources to extract this rare compound purely.

Will I get high for using CBC?

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There is a misbelief that CBC can get to high, considering that it is a cannabinoid present in cannabis.

It is reported that it may contribute to the sedating effect of cannabis in some studies.

However, it is believed that CBC does not affect the brain in the same way THC does.

THC is known as Tetrahydrocannabinol.

It is majorly responsible for the sedative effect of cannabis.

It is highly prohibited in some cases except with medical prescription.

Although CBC is known to enhance the effect of THC, some researchers claim that it is non-psychoactive.

Nevertheless, CBC does not get users high as it is not as a sedative as the THC.

The compound’s sedative component is assumed to help in its pain-relieving feature and help improve relaxation.

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Do I need a medical prescription to obtain CBC?

Obtaining a medical prescription is a common trend when obtaining a product that is not legal but has health benefits (1).

Obtaining a THC product from a local store or pharmacist will often require a medical prescription.

However, buying online does not require this.

Online purchase is one of the easiest, stress-free, and fastest methods of obtaining this product.

The Noble Hemp Company is one of the companies that offer extensive services in this area.

When in need of a CBC cream, CBD cream, or any related product, they can be trusted for premium services.

Why is CBC rare?

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You can guess that most people are not aware of the CBC compound. Some may even assume it is a typographical error from CBD.

However, CBC is also another compound found in low levels in the cannabis plant. It is found as less than one percent (1%) in the plant.

With the extraction processes and scientific method, you can expect that the level obtained will be lower.

Considering that the compound is found in low levels and the extraction process, it is mostly ignored.

However, most researches hold that it is best for pain and depression and maybe better than CBD.

Therefore, Noble Hemp has taken the time to provide customers that may need a cream that can target these two functions majorly.

The Noble Hemp CBC cream can be ordered online from their website without stress or struggle.

Final words

The cannabis plant has been an interesting plant. It was previously known to smokers but has now made its mark in medicine.

People no longer have to struggle through surgical, joint, or accident pain.

Just a tube of CBC cream well applied will do the trick.

Noble Hemp is one of the best companies around, and they offer premium products to their customers at affordable prices. Make sure to order yours now.

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