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nerve pain relief cream

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Nerve Pain Relief Cream

Nerve pain, also known as neuropathic pain, affects many people. The reasons rely on the variety of causes that originate it. The lack of definitive treatments that reduce or eliminate the pain is also a big issue. Nowadays, traditional medicine uses medication aimed at other conditions or generic treatments. That may include steroids, antidepressants, anti-inflammatory, opioid medications, patches, and so on. Many rely on topical medication and opt for a nerve pain relief cream that may contain a blend of ingredients. However, if you have been using them, the chances are that you already noticed that none of them respond consistently to every patient. 

And most importantly, some of those solutions bring secondary effects that might negatively affect your overall health. This is why CBD products started to gain terrain as a formula to treat reduce neuropathic pain. 

There are stories of people who were able to handle their nerve pain with these types of products. Many of them rely on a CBD nerve pain relief cream. 

Often times patients suffering with neuropathy and looking for new nerve pain medication begin their treatment with older treatments. Many are given gabapentin medication.

However, more and more people are looking for natural alternatives to gabapentin for nerve pain nowadays.

There is a clear trend in treatment options that patients with neuropathy look for nerve pain medication over the counter.

One of the most popular options is CBD. We have compiled a list of what you need to look for when it comes to treatment for neuropathy in legs and feet relating to CBD.

The following are tips that are going to help you pick a product that delivers the best efficacy combined with the highest quality product at the lowest price.

Since CBD comes in different formulas and different methods of preparation.

So, to choose the best option, you should evaluate the following: 

CBD products

nerve pain medication over the counter

CBD stands for the cannabinoids compound present in plants of the cannabis family, which are mainly marijuana and hemp.

Although both types of plants contain CBD, marijuana also includes the psychotropic agent called THC in great proportion. Due to that, consuming marijuana to obtain CBD also includes consuming THC and consequently getting high. 

On the contrary, hemp also contains CBD and a little proportion of THC that reaches up to 0.3%.

Since 2018, the USA government removed the restrictions to cultivate hemp in the entire country.

Also authorized the commercialization of CBD related products from hemp plants but must not have more than 0.3% of THC. 

That was excellent news for people who were using CBD with serious restrictions and for many who were wishing to try this innovative form of medication. 

The purity of CBD nerve pain relief cream

A CBD nerve pain relief cream can contain a blend of different ingredients to maximize its efficacy and absorption.

Also, it is possible to include all the ingredients of the hemp plant to make it a full-spectrum solution. It is possible to remove some elements. 

In such cases, removing THC is a desirable practice to avoid any possible risk of psychotropic effects.

That makes them the purest formulas. The creators of the CBD nerve pain relief cream produced by Noble Hemp understood that. 

They developed a potent formula that eliminates the risk of consuming THC. It eliminated all the THC, so its cream doesn´t allow any risk of getting high.

When you apply the cream to your body, you avoid the risk of side effects produced by ingredients. 

Then, it added coconut oil. This ingredient is considered a natural fuel for the human body. Also, it combines pretty well with CBD compounds.

The manufacturing method

nerve pain relief cream

After developing an effective formula for a CBD nerve pain relief cream, it is also important to assure that the product fulfills the strictest standards of high-quality.

That guarantees that the product delivers all its benefits. 

In that sense, Noble Hemp controls the entire process. From seeding and harvesting the hemp by themselves in their land in the state of Colorado, USA.

They avoid the use of pesticides and other toxic elements to produce an organic hemp CBD cream

To extract the CBD from the hemp, Noble Hemp uses a CO2 process that eliminates all traces of this element.

As a result, the hemp doesn’t degrade easily and keeps all its properties for longer. As a result, all its products are rich in the nutrients of the hemp-derived CBD.  

The CBD blends

Fortunately, CBD gets along pretty well with many natural ingredients. It allows many CBD manufacturers to create different formulas aimed at helping specific conditions.

This is why you can try different versions of CBD creams. Finding the perfect CBD nerve pain relief cream that better suits your needs is the goal. 

Neuropathic pain occurs in different parts of the body and with different intensity. That happens because the origin of the pain varies from one person to another.

This is why you must check which formula works better for your pain. 

For instance, Noble Hemp offers one formula for alleviating pain and it is suitable for daily use.

Another formula seeks to alleviate the pain and the tension of sore, aching muscles. 

natural alternative to gabapentin for nerve pain

The therapeutic effect of CBD creams

The use of CBD creams is topical. One advantage of this is that you can localize the pain and apply the cream in the exact place needed.

To obtain the pain relief effect (1), you might have to wait a bit, from minutes to more than an hour. 

You need to wait at least 3 hours until noticing the effects, the first time you use it. That allows you to evaluate the capacity of your body to absorb CBD cream.

Moreover, due to its easy application, you can also re-apply the product again to ensure maximum absorption. 

Final words

The wide availability of hemp-derived CBD makes it possible to develop extraordinary formulas to deal with nerve pain. If you have been suffering with pain and your current treatment has not helped… it might be time to try a CBD cream from Noble hemp. Besides the properties to help you alleviate the pain, reports are showing the minimum side effects. That is great news because you may already have enough with your pain. 

In the process of selecting the best cream for you, you must consider the purest formula and the best manufacturing methods. This is guaranteed in the products by Noble hemp. This helps you with the best effects of CBD on your body. 

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Hemp CBD Balm
March 18, 2020 by Patricia R. (US)
“Great for arthritis pain in lower back. Taking some to my 88 year old Mom to see if it helps ankle pain she’s been experiencing . Hoping it works as well for her.”
Noble CBD balm topical
February 7, 2020 by Diane R. (US)
“This product is easy and pleasant to use. It worked quickly for me to soothe and reduce pain from tendinitis in my arm. I recommend it.”
Pain Relief!
September 22, 2019 by Anita B. (US)
“Definitely helped relieve the arthritis pain in my feet. Like the texture & light scent of the balm. I recommended it to a friend & she, too, had pain relief in her hands.”

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