Does CBD Help Diabetic Neuropathy

does cbd help diabetic neuropathy

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Does CBD Help Diabetic Neuropathy

If you haven’t heard yet, CBD is helping diabetes. CBD is cannabinoids in full. The chemical is an herb extract from cannabis. Although not yet approved for medical treatment of the condition, people who have used it have reported positive results. CBD treats many other conditions related to diabetes, such as inflammation, blood sugar, and nerve pain. It is surprising to note that all these conditions are related to one another one way or another. Sometimes using CBD to manage diabetic neuropathy ends up treating all those conditions as well. If you are wondering how does cbd help diabetic neuropathy, read on to find out.

Why Treat Diabetic Neuropathy with CBD?

It is a serious condition that can be fatal if not treated or managed.

The ailment is notorious for causing extensive and sometimes irreparable damage to the nerves around the feet and hands.

Increases glucose levels in the blood are the primary cause of the disease.

As diabetic neuropathy (1) progresses, the nerves see more damage, which makes it difficult to treat with regular medication.

Consequently, physicians resort to treat it with strong drugs that come with severe side effects and discomfort.

Sometimes the patient prefers not to take the drugs because due to the discomfort associated with their use.

That doesn’t make things any better.

Without alternative treatment, the condition inevitably turns fatal.

At this point is where CBD comes to the patient’s rescue.

No side effects, no regular injection, but with good results. 

Research Studies 

The research carried out to determine if the drug can be used to treat diabetes was conducted on mice.

However, this is not a reliable study given the difference between animal and human bodies.

Furthermore, laboratory conditions for mice and humans are completely different.

More conclusive results are needed in the case of humans to show how does cbd help diabetic neuropathy.

But the case study involving the rodents will be looked at anyway. 

A group of mice with little flow of blood to the brain was given CBD.

The condition of the mice was similar to that of diabetes in humans.

It was discovered that CBD cut down high blood sugar among the mice.

It also lowered their fat levels in addition to increasing insulin production. 

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In a similar study, the mice treated with CBD showed easing of pain and swelling resulting from nerve damage.

People who have diabetes also show signs of inflammation on their hands and feet.

It was thus concluded that CBD could also be used to help diabetic neuropathy. 

CBD and Fat

Researchers have found that the chemical promotes the breakdown of excess fat.

It converts white fat to brown fat, thus reducing the possibility of developing diabetes.

How does cbd help diabetic neuropathy? 

If you haven’t noticed, most cases of chronic diabetes type 2 are found among overweight individuals (2).

Regular use of the drug reduces fat, thus reducing the risk of getting the disease.

For people already who have diabetes, CBD ensures the disease doesn’t advance to a fatal stage. 

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Combining CBD with THC

THC is a chemical found in cannabis that stimulates the brain when inhaled or ingested. It is the compound responsible for feeling ‘high’ after using marijuana.

The chemical can be combined with the CBD to improve blood sugar levels further.

A combination of the two compounds has also been found to burn fat even faster.

The only advantage of using CBD alone boosts gut hormones.

It also lowers the patient’s ability to resist insulin. 

Possible Side Effects

It is a rule of the thump that everything good has one or two negatives.

The drugs that help people treat some of the serious ailments also come with side effects.

It is the same case with CBD for diabetic neuropathy.

But how does cbd help diabetic neuropathy yet have negative effects?

The only difference is that the user can manage the effects, unlike in other strains of marijuana.

What are the common side effects?

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These effects may vary between different people.

Generally, these are the common side effects associated with the use of cannabinoids:

  • General body weakness and fatigue
  • Sleeping disorders
  • Burning and tingling sensation
  • Anxiety
  • Diarrhea 
  • Dizziness
  • Changes in appetite usually reduced appetite
  • Dry mouth with a bitter taste 

Usually, the side effects will gradually reduce in intensity as one continues using the oil.

Even when you feel overwhelmed, know that the chemical has not been reported to be severe or fatal.

Your body may react to it differently, but it is no cause for alarm.

As you experiment to find out how does cbd help diabetic neuropathy, your body gets used to the oil.

Halt all usage of the oil temporarily until you get checked by a qualified medical doctor. 

Buying Guide

You probably will not get a prescription for CBD Oil from a qualified physician.

But that does not mean CBD Oils are not effective.

Therefore, you will have to do most of the work of finding a quality product alone.

Find a quality and safe product is the hard part.

Furthermore, you might not know whether the product you buy will serve its intended purpose.

Every user needs to know that CBD comes in different forms.

They include vapes, capsules, and liquid droplets.

However, there are many counterfeits available in the market which mimics the real product.

does cbd help diabetic neuropathy

It isn’t easy to know the difference, but you can be given a clue. 

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The closest you can get to genuine CBD is in CBD oil.

Unlike other products that contain the chemical, Noble hemp CBD oil is of the highest quality. The product is accessible, safe, and affordable.

Use it regularly and realize how does cbd help diabetic neuropathy.

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