Diabetic Neuropathy Treatment

diabetic neuropathy treatment

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Diabetic neuropathy treatment

Diabetic neuropathy is an unwanted reality to the already challenging task of coping with and managing diabetes for a growing number of people. Diabetes in Foot and Leg resulting in Pain is a neurological disease caused by diabetes that most frequently affects people’s hands and legs with diabetes. It is a condition that can cause extreme pain, numbness and, if affected, often involve the amputation of some limbs. Thus, diabetic neuropathy treatments become that much more important to the positive outcome of the disease.

With 1.5 million Americans living with type 1 or type 2 diabetes a year, many people wonder if CBD oil can help ease their diabetic neuropathy symptoms.

Since there is still no remedy for diabetes, conventional treatment methods for diabetic neuropathy are primarily for slowing down the condition and control frequently chronic pain.

There are a lot of studies emerging to assess whether CBD oil is a therapeutic choice for diabetics with neuropathic problems.

With the details below, you and your doctor can determine if CBD cream is worth using to treat your diabetic neuropathy.

What is CBD/CBD Cream? 

CBD is short for Cannabidiol—one of the only naturally occurring compounds in the Cannabis plant.

It’s essentially a phytocannabinoid, the plant version of the same cannabinoids that our bodies generate.

cbd isolate cream

We have the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) that produces endocannabinoids.

In reality, all living creatures have an ECS. The ECS is responsible for managing all of the body’s systems. In this article we will discuss more about it and how it correlates with CBD in a second.

You’re probably just wondering if CBD comes from a hemp plant, is it going to get you high like THC?

The response is no, CBD is not going to get you high.

While this originates from the same marijuana plant as THC, CBD is non-psychoactive drug (meaning you will not get high from it), but it also has several medicinal properties.

This is what makes CBD such a perfect choice for those who benefit from THC but do not benefit from high THC levels.

CBD has been shown to improve these receptors’ influence, leading to a decrease in nerve-related pain and contributing to the important ability of CBD to treat diabetic neuropathy.

What is Diabetic Neuropathy

Neuropathy with diabetes is a form of neuropathic pain.

It is simply put as nerve damage due to chronically elevated blood glucose levels.

Consistently increased blood glucose levels are also associated with the weakening of the walls of small blood vessels.

This deficiency can affect the vessel’s ability to supply oxygen, sugar, and other vital nutrients to the nerve cells.

diabetic neuropathy treatment

When affected in this manner, the nerves cease to communicate generally with the central nervous system.

As such, people with diabetic neuropathy can experience intense pain, dull numbing pain, or even total numbness.

Diabetic Neuropathy is a peripheral nervous condition that uncontrolled levels of sugar have induced over a period of time.

The most common types of diabetic neuropathy can cause sensational problems in the legs. 

Sometimes the pain can be very intense, and pain-relieving diabetic neuropathy medications are helpful to alleviate discomfort.

Please note that the loss of sensation in the legs can also raise the likelihood of foot injuries that may go undetected and turn into ulcers.

Therefore, that is why diabetic neuropathy treatment is important to ease the pain.

Can diabetic neuropathy be reversed

While there is no cure for diabetic neuropathy, studies have shown that lifestyle changes and some medications may slow disease progression.

In short, there is no time that is too early to implement these lifestyle changes – the weakening of the nerves will begin long before diabetes is diagnosed with prediabetes.

Although this disorder is lifelong, there are measures you may take to treat pain and postpone improvement to the degree that you may find symptomatic relaxation and may not need to take medication.

So, can diabetic neuropathy be reversed? In reality, there is no way to reverse diabetic neuropathy, even though scientists are working on future solutions.

Nevertheless there is diabetic neuropathy treatment to prevent further damage to you and help alleviate the pain.

Natural prevention of diabetic neuropathy

Apart from the use of drugs, specific natural therapies are very effective against diabetic neuropathy.

Next, you should avoid drinking alcohol, which is the main cause of diabetic neuropathy.

You can increase the intake of vitamins such as B, which is very helpful to the nervous system.

Vitamin D intake can help to ease nerve pain and improve the protection of your skin.

Cayenne pepper is also protective against diabetic neuropathy.

Your pain and feeling would be minimized by using cayenne pepper on your diet.

Lastly, you should also stop smoking because it narrows the blood vessels and induces nerve damage.

Diabetes neuropathy treatment in ayurveda

diabetic neuropathy treatment

Ayurveda is a natural herbal diabetic neuropathy treatment with no side effects.

In short, Ayurvedic treatment of diabetic neuropathy focuses on maintaining dosha rhythm, treating symptoms, and stopping them from worsening while keeping blood sugar levels under control.

The treatment of diabetic neuropathy is generally based on the type of symptoms and neuropathy.

In addition, therapy tends to minimize existing complications and discourage the disease from getting worse by maintaining blood sugar levels within a small goal range.

Similar to Ayurveda, there is a new drug for diabetic nerve pain, CBD, which is also a natural remedy.

diabetic neuropathy treatment

Usage of CBD for diabetic neuropathy 

CBD is a natural compound with a wide range of medicinal properties.

You can use CBD to alleviate pain and inflammation without any side effects. Various forms of CBDs are available, such as cream, powder, tincture, and topical.

Oil is the cheapest and easiest way to eat CBD; just apply a few drops of it to your food and drink.

diabetic neuropathy treatment

You may also apply CBD topicals to the area.

If the agony of diabetic neuropathy doesn’t make you feel at ease, you should consider CBD spraying as well.

CBD is a sedative in nature that helps to enhance the sleep.

Benefits of CBD for Diabetes Neuropathy 

Owing to the nature of nerve pain, over-the-counter anti-inflammatory pain medications such as ibuprofen is often not efficacious for long-term treatment of diabetic neuropathy.

Instead, most doctors will prescribe either anti-seizure therapies, such as Lyrica and Trileptal or antidepressants such as Cymbalta and Norpramin, to better target the nervous system and its resulting effects.

However, these conventional medications are now being studied for their effectiveness on diabetic neuropathic pain and overall life quality.

One of the key reasons people are looking for alternative treatments is that anti-seizure and anti-depressant medications’ adverse side effects will sometimes outweigh the benefits.

Anti-seizure medications may cause adverse reactions such as nausea, confusion, and constipation; antidepressants may have similar side effects and may also lead to weight gain, somnolence, and blurred vision.

Conversely, CBD does not have any of these side effects (and may even help combat some of them).

Diabetic foot pain treatment with CBD

With several studies showing promising results for cannabis, particularly for CBD, in the treatment of diabetic neuropathy with little side effects recorded, CBD cream may be a valuable tool if you are unhappy with your current treatment choices.

Speak to the doctor before you get any product. While CBD cream is comparatively free from side effects, it may interact with certain conventional medicines such as antidepressants and antibiotics.

If you are looking for additional advice or a supplemental, second opinion, you can even consider turning to a cannabis expert who may have a wide range of experience by using CBD oil to ease your diabetic neuropathy symptoms.

Pain Management with CBD

best cbd cream for pain

Diabetic neuropathy is absolutely painful and a number of studies have shown CBD to be effective in reducing inflammation and neuropathic pain or nervous system-related pain.

In one research where 64 patients were examined for neuropathic pain consistent with multiple sclerosis; half of the patients obtained tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) spray, whilst the other half received placebo.

After four weeks of treatment, the results were precise: MS patients who received THC/CBD spray reported a significant reduction in pain and sleep disturbance than the control group.

Is CBD cream safe to use?

CBD is totally organic and non-psychoactive in nature, which means that CBD can’t get you high.

The best thing about this is that there are no side-effects to it. You can also use CBD for your pets and kids. CBD is now legal in 50 nations, making it very convenient to get hold of it.

Treatment for neuropathy in legs and feet

The FDA approved sprays containing both CBD and THC for treatment for neuropathy in legs and feet. 

Half of the patients received a placebo; the other half administered a drug called Sativex.

The most noticeable reduction in symptoms occurred in people taking medicines containing CBD extracts.

CBD has also been shown to help reduce muscle spasms, especially in patients with multiple sclerosis.

Neuropathy of the legs can lead to muscle spasms and muscle wastage. CBD cream are useful to help and provide relief for these conditions.

In a study that explored HIV-related sensory neuropathy and treatment, it has shown that CBD has provided some relief of pain in patients suffering from nerve pain in the legs and other areas of the body.

Clinical research is also ongoing in the fields of neuropathy and CBD treatment.

There are, however, a myriad of testimonials that provide evidence that CBD has had a positive effect on the management of pain and discomfort associated with diabetes-induced foot neuropathy.

We all know the CBD helps combat anxiety and low mood. Both are common manifestations in people with chronic neuropathic pain.

CBD oil is non-addictive and has no proven adverse effects.

Why I chose CBD for diabetic neuropathy 

Is CBD cream good for back pain

I have a very severe diabetic neuropathy. The discomfort is intense, but it usually for a short time and can occur anywhere: one big toe on the left, one little finger on the right, one left testicle, one right earlobe, etc.

None of the treatments my doctor prescribed worked very well, and they all took weeks or months to do something.

And if the dosage had to be increased and the side effects worsened.

Someone recommended that I try something that never occurred to me: CBD cream.

I applied it on my feet and hands and the pain was gone in three days!

That was the quickest and longest relief I’ve ever had. More research is required, but it’s fascinating.

I thought I have to endure the pain for the rest of my life and ever since I have discovered CBD cream, I never looked back. This is definitely the right one for me.

-J.E. Levesque

Where to find CBD for diabetic neuropathy

There’s no proven treatment for diabetic neuropathy.

Treatment can, nevertheless, reduce the development of the disease, alleviate symptoms such as nerve pain, help control, avoid or postpone complications of diabetic neuropathy, and recover the functions of different organs.

cdb cream

What is the best treatment for diabetic neuropathy you might ask and one of your best bet for diabetic neuropathy treatment is CBD cream.

With tons of companies and CBD products out there, where should you buy?

To find the right CBD for diabetic neuropathy, make sure that the business that produces them discloses the findings of third-party, unbiased testing of their items.

You should be able to see how much CBD there is in their products. The Company must be able to guarantee that no other dangerous chemicals are present.

Hence, one should also know where and how the CBD of the business is developed, harvested and produced.

To buy the best CBD cream for diabetic neuropathy, visit noblehemp.com as you can be confident of their goods’ quality and each item is handmade using organic hemp.

In Colorado, their CBD goods are cultivated in registered and trusted greenhouses and home-grown farms.

If you have neuropathic pain and inflammation or some other illness type, CBD might be just what you need.

CBD has proven the most effective treatment for anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, and inflammation.

CBD is gradually being investigated and placed into clinical trials as more and more people see CBD as a better and safer alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals.

If you’re trying to have CBD cream for neuropathy or just for your general well-being, it’s a good thing to do your homework and always get in touch with your doctor first.

If you have decided to purchase your CBD cream, go check out what Noble Hemp has to offer.

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