Diabetic Nerve Pain in Feet

diabetic nerve pain in feet

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Diabetic Nerve Pain in Feet

Suppose you have a sort of nerve damage from Diabetes Mellitus called Diabetic Neuropathy. In that case, odds are you have encountered the pain and tingling symptoms, particularly in the hands and feet. The distress can influence your sleep, mood, and overall state of life. Sure, prescription pills can aid. But investigation reveals that the pills simply alleviate the pain by half. So, how can you bridge the gap for diabetic nerve pain in feet? Here is where CBD comes in.

What Is Diabetic Neuropathy?

First things first – diabetes can injure your nerves.

It can occur in several forms, and they all appear to be linked to blood sugar levels being excessively high for a further long.

To counter it, consult with your doctor to control your blood sugar.

How Is Neuropathy Currently Treated?

diabetic nerve pain in feet

As most neuropathy cases transpire due to another disease, most patients are already on some form of medication.

However, when neuropathy and diabetic nerve pain in feet is combined to the mix, it can point to the saddening consequences of the ailment and severe cases of anxiety and depression.

At present, most remedies for this state exist in pain relievers and, in some instances, anti-inflammatory medications.

Nevertheless, most of these prescriptions don’t approach the life-altering and chronic pain with neuropathy.

Doctors usually prescribe opioids for patients diagnosed with neuropathy, but opioids can be strangely addictive.

In addition to opioids, many other medications are prescribed, including topical treatments, antidepressants, anti-seizure drugs, and physiotherapy.

Yet, multiple of these therapies are costly and simply help manage the symptoms and not neuropathy’s underlying conditions.

What you should do: Treatment for neuropathy in legs and feet

Prevention would be to examine your feet and legs every day, apply lotion on your feet if they are dry, exert care of toenails, wear shoes that fit well, and wear them all the time, so your feet don’t get injured.

However, if the neuropathy is already there, treatment should be done.

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The peripheral neuropathy approach depends on the cause, wherein common treatments involve physical therapy, injections for increased nerve pressure and surgery.

Other therapies focus on reducing pain and discomfort with over-the-counter painkillers.

There are also various natural strategies to assist decrease symptoms of diabetic nerve pain in feet:

1. Taking Vitamins

diabetic nerve pain in feet

Several cases of peripheral neuropathy are linked to vitamin deficiencies, especially Vitamin B and D deficiencies. 

Vitamin B is necessary for nerve health, and a lack of it can lead to vital nerve damage.

While you can take vitamin B from your meals, a medical practitioner may also suggest taking a supplement.

Adhere to the prescribed dose to limit toxicity and worsening symptoms.

Vitamin D can further also assist in inhibiting nerve pain and diabetic nerve pain in feet.

The skin typically generates vitamin D in answer to sunlight, and a deficiency can produce neuropathy pain.

Procuring a supplement can aid in lessening the manifestations of neuropathy.

2. Stop smoking

Smoking alters your blood circulation.

Without proper blood circulation, increased numbness and pain from peripheral neuropathy can happen.

Omitting smoking habits can serve to improve your symptoms.

3. Choosing a Warm Bath

diabetic nerve pain in feet

Choosing a warm bath can be calming and can also relieve pain manifestations from neuropathy and diabetic nerve pain in feet.

Warm water enhances blood circulation everywhere the body, reducing pain symptoms from numbness.

4. Use of Cayenne pepper

diabetic nerve pain in feet

Be sure to consider this treatment approach with your medical doctor before doing it to limit adverse symptoms.

Cayenne pepper carries capsaicin, a component in hot peppers that causes them to be spicy.

Surprisingly, capsaicin has been employed in topical creams for its pain relief attributes, which reduces the severity of pain signals transmitted through the body and also with diabetic nerve pain in feet.

5. Be Active

Frequent exercise can assist in combating pain and improving your overall health.

Being active can decrease your blood sugar, which, in turn, can lessen or slow down nerve injury.

Exercise also enhances blood flow to your arms and legs and reduces stress, which helps minimize discomfort and pain.

6. Meditation

diabetic nerve pain in feet

Meditation routines can assist individuals grappling with neuropathy symptoms to endure through their pain.

It can accommodate to lower stress, enhance your coping skills, and minimize your pain intensity. 

What is the Role of CBD?

The application of CBD to alleviate the symptoms of diabetes and a broad spectrum of other health diseases bestows promise, though studies are still minimal.

Amid the continuing research, domains are whether CBD may further manage or even lower the danger of forming type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Animal and human studies have observed CBD’s impacts on blood sugar and inflammation, insulin levels, and even difficulties relating to diabetes, like the pain correlated with diabetic neuropathy.

Where to Buy CBD

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Are you endeavouring to find that Diabetic foot pain relief cream out there? Are you looking for an organic-based alternative to improve your health?

Choosing a reliable and valuable brand could be tricky, especially with the various shops out there.

In my opinion, Noble Hemp (click here: noblehemp.com) sells the purest and most effective hemp extracts in the business.

Opposed to other stores, their CBD products are available on quite an affordable scale.

In particular, they sell not only for users who are serious about improving their health naturally, but they guarantee that their merchandises are produced in facilities that ensure the hemp’s essential nutrients, which conserves the most potent and cleanest extracts.

Final Thoughts

Prevention of diabetic nerve pain in feet accomplishes so much more benefits than treatment.

Managing your blood sugars within the normal range will assist prevent your neuropathy from more damaging ends.

If you attempt CBD or CBD oil, recognize that it should be utilized to complement your typical diabetes therapy and not a substitute for established treatment.

Since CBD is frequently employed, more research is needed to understand how CBD interacts with other medications.

Utilizing CBD may improve or hinder another drug’s effectiveness or adverse effects. Discuss to your medical expert before taking CBD.

Until such a point that CBD is verified to be an efficient remedy, use it with discretion and with not-so-high expectations if you choose to undertake it.


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I have been having foot pain for a while now caused by diabetic neuropathy. You don’t know what I just went through. CBD changed it for me. It was such a wonderful experience.

R. D.

I remember the first time I tried a CBD topical on my feet, and I rubbed it in. I could start feeling the pain calming down, and everything subsiding. The pain in my hands and feet has lessened. I think it’s going to be something that I’m just going to always have hanging on in some form or fashion. What’s nice is I have a solution.

S. J.

The CBD cream is phenomenal! I could not believe it. A relative of mine has diabetic neuropathy and has announced this has achieved spectacles as well!

R. O.

More clients write in about their experiences

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I have had polyneuropathy in both legs since time eternal, and my hands have been affected too. In the beginning, the disease wasn’t perceived as a burden because it started with tingling in the toes. Over time, numbness developed, which caused an insecure movement – running is now an effort and requires high concentration. The pain come unexpectedly, mostly it starts in resting phases and sometimes lasts for hours. My doctor prefers not to prescribe painkillers because of the danger of addiction and apparently because of my age. All this made me angry, and I looked for alternatives, which I finally found in CBD. I no longer have these severe attacks of pain. Only a dull ache is to be felt. The calming effect of CBD is excellent!

C. D.

I do not know where to start. CBD is superior! It certainly eases my spouse’s exhausted aching diabetic feet and legs.

L. B.

While I started using the CBD to my feet, it was clear to assume I was a tad doubtful. The idea that a cream would enable me to get a little better appeared near incomprehensible. Well, after using CBD, I got to say; it’s definitely worth it.

P. D.

I have been applying CBD Foot Cream daily for a few weeks already, and I am quite pleased with the product. It soothes my aching feet, and the scent makes me feel relaxed too.

S. T.

I adore CBD so much! When I learned that there is a CBD foot cream, I understood I had to risk it out! Clearly, I did not make a slip. It was so comforting to my feet, and I will certainly be buying more in the near future!

S. C.

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