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What Does THC-Free Hemp CBD Mean?

cbd joint cream | THC-FREE CBD

By now, you’re probably familiar with the term “THC.” This is the psychoactive element of cannabis, and its effects can include euphoria, relaxation, anxiety, pain relief, and more. But what does it mean, exactly, if your cannabis is THC-Free? And what sorts of benefits could that bring? THC-Free refers to CBD products that contain .3% […]

CBD vs THC: What’s the Difference?

cbd vs thc

Nearly 7% of Americans use CBD. That’s why the differences between CBD vs THC are too major to overlook. But what exactly are the differences? Here is a comprehensive guide on CBD vs THC: What’s the Difference. A recent analysis by Cowen & Co. estimates that 10% of Americans (including athletes) will be using CBD by […]

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